Latest Update Issues

Anyone else having problems with CEC and their sound bars after the latest update? Also now that there is 3D support anyone have any instructions on how to view 3D movies? Which glasses to get?

This is for version 1.64 by the way, and I figured out that I only have the problem when I have the new “boot” feature activated, so I have disabled it for now, apparently needs some tweaking :grin:

Hi, where’s that feature on the menu? Looks like I’m having some sort of handshake issue with HDMI now. My amp won’t output HD audio.

It looks like the you access the 3d menu by holding down the menu button on the remote based on this video:

I’ve updated to 1.64, but I can’t access this menu unfortunately. Anyone else have any insight how to get it working?

Anyone know how to set up the projector so that it powers on/off with Apple TV waking up and going to sleep. This works wonderfully with my Sony TV and Apple TV via HDMI.

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I have the issue where I can turn on the Projector with apple tv but it wont shut off using CEC.