Eureka! - CEC power on and off SOLVED with 4K Laser Projector

Having spent a fair bit of my time a year or so ago complaining about the VAVA 4K Laser Projector and its lack of features, I wanted to share with anyone who still pays attention to this forum a fix I recently stumbled into.

Long story short, I’m able to turn my VAVA projector on and off using only my Apple TV 4K remote.

The only thing I can’t quite get to work yet is controlling the system volume for my Sonos ARC 5.1 system with the remote (presently, the remote still thinks the projector speakers are the things controlling the volume).

Now, accomplishing this fix isn’t cheap and requires an HD Fury Arcana plus a Vertex2 (combined $700 in additional hardware). But if you have a VAVA projector and both of these other things, I’ll happily send you my config file so you can load it and use it too.

TL;DR - if you have a 4k projector, an HD Fury Arcana, a Vertex2 and a Sonos Arc 5.1 system, you can have Dolby Vision, Atmos and CEC control too.

I’m not sure if this is an alternate fix, but I just plug my Apple TV 4K directly into the VAVA and then use ARC to get the sound to my audio device (Denon receiver). This is working great for me and I can power on/off the projector with the Apple remote. I do have a small ESP32 board setup to power off the projector if that cannot be done by the remote (if anyone is interested in this, setup is here: GitHub - jum0n/vavaEsphomePowerOff: Use an esp32 to power off your vava projector ) but its no longer used in this configuration.