FireTV Stick Power On/Off w CEC

Has anyone successfully set up a firetv stick to turn the vava projector on/off with the firetv remote’s power button? I am able to control other TV’s using CEC but vava doesn’t show up in the list of brands to control. Anyone know a brand that would be compatible?

I have the same problem with Apple TV. Anyone know how to set up the projector so that it powers on/off with Apple TV waking up and going to sleep. This works wonderfully with my Sony TV and Apple TV via HDMI

I have same problem. I think VAVA CEC has problem.
I am using fire qube 2g tv and apply 4k tv box it’s not working.

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I can only turn the projector on with the fire cube, cannot turn it off.

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same here. I have the fire cube. IT ALSO WILL NOT swtich inputs

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Hey all. new update works for me. You have to enable CEC and CEC Power in the menu. its slightly hidden. just press the hamburger icon on the VAVA remote and a popover side menu will appear. Turn on all CEC options.

It doesn’t turn projector off, maybe only screen, but if you check, fan is still working and laser is not completely off.

Yea that’s how it behaved before I went and turned on all the cec settings. Now the projector actually turns off. No fan. No projection light.

I see only two options related to the CEC, i’ve turned them both on… still not able to turn off the projctor with the cube… Am I doing anything wrong?

I’m not sure about fire cube but here is a video I took of it working and the settings I use.

Doesn’t work for nvidia shield either…

Not sure what the testers at VAVA are using to test with? But Nvidia Shield, apple tv, roku - the VAVA should be rock solid with these ‘standard’ devices CEC.

I can understand where they would have problems with some of the cable boxes around the country. But Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, etc…these should all be part of the standard dev test procedures.

Bump - Shield Pro 2017 and 2019 - CEC-OFF not working

Also, - Volume control moves slowly even after changing the CEC setting to increment in units of 10

yeh i see the volume issue too but it’s fine, i just wish CEC off worked. But you are right, CEC ON is fine.

agreed. The volume issue isn’t that bad – but – the CEC OFF needs fixing.

This is my living room daily driver.

I want them to send an ETA on a fix and acknowledgement of the issue.