VAVA please fix 4K Projector CEC

As the title says, please provide a list of confirmed devices that work with the projector’s CEC for powering on and off. It’s my only hope of integrating it with my harmony hub. If I can connect it with a device that powers off with the hub, maybe I can finally unify my system. No IR support was such a huge oversight for such an awesome projector!

Hi Nc1983

i double that, if we can get the Projector to power off via CEC with another device like FireStick that would be perfect, but anyway i already made a work around for that exact problem, i set my harmony hub ( witch i bought just for this :frowning:) to act as a mac keyboard and connect it with the projector, now if you use the crest key ( i think its power key- am not sure since i don’t use mac ) it will shut down the projector, but it can not power on the projector since it looks like the keyboard sync looses connectivity during power off, but maybe with the new update i can use a firestick to only power up the projector ( i haven’t test that out ) anyway check it and let me know how it works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree - this needs to be fixed. It’s the biggest let down when people see this thing at my house. most people don’t want to deal with yet another remote. the WAF goes way down … especially when certain HDCP issues require turning things on in a specific order. My Harmony hub did that beautifully.

Some devices manager to pseudo turn off the projector - in that the screen turns off, but the unit is still on. Which leads to yet another level of frustration.

Everythign about this projector has been wonderful - the remote control experience has been less than stellar.

Hey VAVA - how about this? Ship a bluetooth pairable “remote” that has and IR receiver. Harmony can shoot IR to that, and that can mimic the BT of the OG vava remote to control the projector. OR even better, work with the Logitech group to be able to pair the vava directly to the Harmony.

They just released a huge update with better and more CEC compatibility. Tech support emailed me about this a few days before it was released. I’m trying to get a clear answer now regarding a compatibility list for which accessories have confirmed power on/off CEC function with the projector. I’ll freaking go out and buy a compatible device just to make this work.

do you remember when that was? I know i upgraded to the 1.8 that came in as 1.08 or something along those lines…

It released last week

I’ve updated the settings to enable CEC and Power but still can’t get my Nvidia Shield 2017 to shut down my projector… please tell me I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks Nate - I updated - but didn’t help the CEC issues (my Roku doesn’t turn off the projector still).

However, something cool with the new firmware, it shows the current resolution and fps which is nice, i guess.

All-I’ve corrected my issues and CEC is now working through a Marantz AVR. Even with the latest firmware on the AVR and the VAVA projector this had not been working. I pieced this together from a Denon ARC post on AVS forums.
I confirmed HDMI control (what Marantz calls CEC) and all the CEC and HDMI 2.0 settings on the VAVA were enabled. I then disconnected all other inputs into the AVR besides my Apple TV. I reset the AVR (unplugged for 10 minutes) and when I powered back on and now on the Apple TV under Settings>Home theater control>Control TVs and Receivers was now able to be turned on (previously had been greyed out). I added back HMDI inputs until it “broke” again and found that my security system feed into an AUX HDMI input was breaking CEC. I never would have thought that independent inputs to the AVR affected the CEC chain.

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Thanks for posting this, cant wait to get home and try it. So are you saying when you power up the Marantz it will turn on the projector? I’ve been chatting with Vava tech’s and they said nothing about this?

Is this still a thing? any list of supported devices? I’m considering this projector for my new livingroom but this is a major bug in my book and would rather avoid it

Hey Galangel, in that case, I wouldn’t recommend getting the VAVA, great projector but the CEC is very glitchy. I purchased the Logitech Harmony, it drives me nuts that I can use it on the VAVA, and trying to control it through CEC is a mess… just easier to keep the VAVA remote handy.

I can power up the projector with a roku streaming stick plus but can’t power it off (super annonying).
I also can power up the projector with the playstation4 but the input source doesn’t switch to the right hdmi port (also super annoying). Powering of the playstation does power off projector.

Hey vava! please fix it!

It’s been over a year and nothing has been fixed. They claimed they fixed it, but they didn’t. It’s not going to be fixed.

Anyone facing issue projector is turned off suddenly after approximately 30 mins when CEC off is activated on VAVA?

Only facing this with SAT receiver but not with Apple TV 4K, both connected to hdmi 3 (VAVA boot Option) via HDMI multiviewer.

@simoasis We regret to hear you are having this issue with the 4k Projector. Can you try the following steps below if it would help?

  1. Unplug all devices connected to the unit.
  2. Reboot the unit by unplugging it from the power outlet for about 5 minutes, then re-plug and test it.
  3. If the rebooting won’t fix it, try to do a factory reset. (Setting > General > Factory Setting).

If the above steps will not work please send an email to with a short video of your issue. Thank you!

Can you please post documentation on the expected CEC behavior.

I can control the power on/off and volume of my Yamaha RX-6VA receiver
I can get some CEC enabled devices to power on the VAVA but for the life of me I can get anything to power off the VAVA.

There is a CEC Power off option in the side menu of firmware v2.10. What’s that suppose to do? Has anyone got the projector to power off from a connected CEC device?

Hi @newguy. The HDMI CEC function is for the VAVA remote control to control other devices connected via HDMI port not the other way around that’s why you are unable to use some functionalities properly.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at

Thanks for that insight.

What is the pictured option supposed to do? I believe it’s new as of v2.10. It doesn’t affect the VAVA remote’s ability to control other devices.

@TeamVAVA so this means we should never expect to be able to turn the VAVA on with an infrared sourced device like the Harmony Hub. The Harmony Hub is absolutely capable of turning on Bluetooth devices such as the fire stick. PLEASE try to work with Logitech to have your device supported for bluetooth powering on and off! The Harmony Hub is the heart of so many of our home theater systems and completely ruing the “one remote to rule them all” we’re striving for!