CEC stopped working :(

Had a simple setup. Roku 4K into HDMI 1, Arc HDMI out to Sonos Arc. Remote control could control the volume via CEC. Now no matter how many times I restart all devices, try different HDMI cables, turn CEC on and off, it won’t work now. Picture works and audio works but CEC function doesn’t.

Any advice? Thank you!

Let me save you some time and give you the company feedback refrain:

“Hello @Nc1983. We appreciate your feedback. This is duly noted and forwarded to our engineers.”

Hi @Nc1983 . We regret to hear that the CEC option stop working. Would you be so kind to check that the CEC option is turned on both HDMI 1 and HDMI 3. Also, check if Volume button will work while on the Homepage of projector, then check when inside source… If you have already set this please send an email to support@vava.com to further assist you. Thank you!