Vava Chroma: Apple TV CEC behavior

Old Vava: when I turn on my Apple TV via remote, it always go to my Apple TV screen.

Vava Chroma: when I turn it on using my Apple TV remote, it goes to the input menu and now I have the extra step of picking HDMI 3 ( arc where my appleTV is connected ). It defaults or highlight HDMI 1

Firmware version: LV068 V1.3.1 20211022.211512

How can I skip this extra step?

Troubleshooting I did:
Factory default it. I unchecked and checked the setting for CEC for on/off

Just resolved it by factory default it 3x.

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Hello, @Lmagy2k We appreciate the effort in doing some troubleshooting steps. Usually, this is normal for electronic devices especially if it’s brand new. You really need to do at least 2-3x factory reset. But we are so glad that you were able to make it work! Thank you for your all-out support.

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