Harmony Hub Commands

I have a Harmony Hub and have seen the link to the Logitech help page for setting up the VAVA Chroma as if it is a Mac PC.
Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the commands that the Chroma will respond to? Here’s what I’ve figured out so far (following the VAVA remote’s layout from the top left and then moving to the right and then down):

  • Sleep (Moon Icon; works like the Power button, press twice to Power off or press once then use the arrow keys to use the other options; does NOT work to Power on)
  • Mute (seems to activate Alexa/mic, but not sure how that would be effective)
  • Up
  • Left
  • OK
  • Right
  • Down
  • Escape (works like the “Go to Previous” button on the remote)
  • F1 (works like the dot inside of circle button on the remote); “/” and “?” and “F1” and “Command+F1” will all do the same thing
  • ??? for “Home” button
  • F2 for the “Input Select” button
  • Menu for the “Image Option” button
  • Volume Down
  • Volume Up

Has anyone figured out how to directly activate the “Home” button?
“Ctrl-Command-S” flashes a white letterbox - not sure what that’s for.

Has anyone figured out how to build an activity that can flip the inputs to HDMI1, HDMI2, or HDMI3?


VAVA has made zero effort here. Perhaps less than zero. For instance, they could have come up with a USB IR dongle and called it a day. I own the model before Chroma but was very disappointed that there is no good solution to integrate with the rest of the system. No, HDMI-CEC is not always good or right.

This would be an intern-level project. I am good with microcontrollers, I bet I can find the time. But they have to do something on their end to listen to commands. establish a protocol, etc.

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Hello @haneefdm We appreciate the feedback you gave. The VAVA Chroma is not compatible with universal remotes, but HDMI-CEC is your friend. Rest assured we will look into it and forward this feedback to our development team for future upgrades.

Thank you for your precious time.

Except that VAVA’s HDMI-CEC doesnt work well with most devices. This has been an issue since 2020 and nothing has been done to fix it. Anyone can search for these posts. It might work sometimes, but never reliably and will cause the projector to just power itself on at random times, leaving it running for days without any auto-shutdown.

I agree. HDMI-CEC does not work in many setups. The standard is poorly implemented/interpreted by device manufacturers. For it to work, all devices in the chain have to be perfect. In the last decade or so, I NEVER found that to be the case. Two devices, there is a chance you can make it work, add a third device in the chain or connect a rogue device (Apple TV) to the receiver and extremely low chance of working. Most people with a sound system will have three devices in the chain. A source(s), a receiver, and a display(s). Even two devices (Sony TV and Sony Soundbar) from the same manufacturer but different divisions in the company I am sure, both expensive, do not work as expected with HDMI-CEC. I have to use the remote(s) to coordinate.