Auto recognize hdmi source

Hi all. I just got my VAVA and loving it. I am streaming with latest Apple TV 4K on hdmi1 source. I can’t figure out how to get the projector to automatically recognize this source when turning everything on. I am having to use the VAVA remote to hit “enter” at the home screen to select hdmi1. Any help in solving this is appreciated. Thx!

You can just put boot source to the hdmi 1 or 2, this will turn on the projector and gets you directly to the selected boot source

Ok, boot source is working fine but is there any update planned to automatically recognize hdmi source as obviously most are using more than one hdmi inputs connected to VAVA UST? Did anyone try with hdmi multiviewer instead?

That’s a good point. Currently, the boot source is good for one HDMI source. We don’t have any information yet as to when this would be updated. Thank you!

We need this functionality. I should be able to turn on the projector with my Apple TV remote. The unit turns on but I have to use the vava remote to select hdmi 1. What is this boot source method? I would seriously consider buying another one if it automatically selected the input method or at least return to the previous one selected instead of forcing me to select the right input in a mini screen.

Hi, @Kcc Thank you for notifying us about this inquiry. Hope this helps you to activate the boot source. Go to Settings->Display->Boot Source-> HDMI 1, 2, or 3 whichever source you want it to be.