Vava Chrome and Apple TV 2022

I would be interested to know if anyone has the same behavior when turning off the Vava Chroma with the Apple TV remote as I do. When I press the power button on the Apple Remote to turn it on, the Apple TV and Vava Chrome start perfectly and the correct source is selected immediately.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn off the Vava Chroma with the Apple TV remote. I have tried all the settings options in the Chroma and also activated CEC in the Apple TV. Unfortunately without success.

Perhaps Vava support can recreate the problem and test or hopefully fix with a future update.

Not sure if this works with the Chroma, but might be worth a try especially if you already have HomeAssistant.

Whenever I turn off vava with its remote the Apple TV continues to play until I use apple remote to turn it off too. And I never got Apple TV remote to turn on both the projector and Apple TV. Did you connect Apple TV directly to chroma or to an AV receiver like denon/marantz?
My Apple TV is connected to denon receiver and the receiver is connected to hdmi3 (arc) port on vava