Vava Chroma: Remote not Responsive

I tried to pair this 3x already but I have to be close and point it to Chroma to work. Turning it on is the worst cause I have to get up and get really close to make it work.

I never had this remote issue in the first generation. Did I get a bad remote? How can I get a replacement?

I wish the iPhone app works so I don’t have to deal with this but that’s another non working issue I shared here today.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Lmagy2k Thank you for sharing this issue with us. Please ensure to turn on the CEC. You can repair the remote by changing the battery and simply pressing and holding the return and menu buttons on your remote for 10 seconds while being within 2 feet from the projector. Alternatively, you can also plug in any USB mouse to the back of the projector as another means to control your media. Have a great day. Thank you!