Update 2.10 projector updat

Hi, @tayza19 Good day. Our engineering team would like to verify the following SKU # of your projector & S/N number. So, they can verify if you have the new version or the old version. As per the team, the VA-LT002 model has two versions, the old and the new. The latest version number of the old version of the system is V2.1, and the latest version number of the new version is V1.2.

If you have the new version, then it is already up to date, no need to update it.

Dear Team VAVA,
My projector Version was version 1.2 and S/R No. 228003213260419 whereas couldn’t find the sku no.
It is on its way to Singapore Authorize Reseller Shop “Element 5” which was bought in 9/9/21.
Hope, it would be quick fix.


Hello, @tayza19 The SKU # is found on the original VAVA box. If you have the 1.2 version most likely you already have the latest version.