VAVA 4k projector internet issue

Just bought this new projector on amazon.
Open the box a week later due to no time to play with it till today.
Im having issue connecting to wifi or even hard wire into the projector dont seen to work.
Keep getting “connection anormal”
Version 1.91

If anyone can help. Much apprecated.

Thank you

I think it’s just a bug; I get this every time. Try accessing their app store; if you can browse the app store and download any apps, then the internet connection should be fine.

I would not rely on their adapter or software. Connect any streaming device, like Chromecast with Google TV, Roku, or NVidia Shield.

i just install a firestick 4k to replace trash app.

Unable to update from 1.9.1 either, except now I can’t even access Wifi after resetting firmware to default… FML.