Update 2.20 not downloading

I just got a vava 4k laser projector. It’s on 2.10

My projector says 2.20 is available but I can’t download it. It just stays at 0/0.

Any input?

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Same. Can we download it to a USB? If so where do I get the file?

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this is 2.2 download link by support

Requested access to the file

Do I unzip it before moving to drive? It says file not found on the projector if inunzip it and extract the files to the drive

don’t extract, I have the same problem if you extract. Just move zipped folder into USB

Guys i’ve downloaded the zip file but after spending considerable time setting this thing up I don’t want to screw up anything. Are there step by step instructions on how to update the sw via USB ?

you wont screw anything up just dont turn off or disturb while updating
here official directions
Eject Flash Drive
3. Perform a Factory Reset on the projector
a. General Settings>Factory Reset
4. Plug Flash Drive into the USB port on VAVA 4k.
5. Navigate to General Settings>Update by USB
6. Select File VAVA_V2.20 from Flash Drive
7. Select Wipe Data
8. Accept Installation

you can probably skip factory reset as I did from 1.9 to 2.1 don’t know why factory reset is a requirement

What improvements are found in version 2.20? I know that there were still a few bugs to resolve, are these resolved in this new version?