Type of station and camera don't match

I bought a second camera for a VAVA Camera & Base station combo that I have had for a while. When I try to pair the camera to the base station, I get a message saying “The type of station and camera are not a match”. How do I find out what base station I have?

Hi, @dacarson Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this. You will find it on the app where you can see the IP address per camera and base.

I am not sure where it tells me the IP address. However, I did find an option in Base Station Settings → Device Info. It says:
Device Model P020201
Firmware Version v02.00.01

How do I find out which Camera is compatible with this Base Station? I would like a second camera and it seems the one I purchased doesn’t work with it.

Hi, @dacarson For us to further assist you. Kindly reach our support@vava.com and send us a short video or photo of the issue. Also, include the order number & where it was purchased. Thank you for your precious time.