VaVa Cam base station sync

I have the original VaVa Cam hs0002 synced to it’s base station.

I just recieved a new VaVa Cam pro hs0003, was hoping I can just sync the camera to the same base station but it won’t let me.

Is there any possible way to sync both cameras to the same base station?

Hi @hxavier we are sorry you’re having an issue with the Homecam VA-HS003. Make sure the camera is fully charged when installing, check the base station if it is still connected to the internet, if it still would not work please perform a factory reset and retry the installation process. If you are still unable to add the camera, kindly send an email to with your order details and the picture of the QR code on the base station and the camera. Thank you!

thank you for the reply VaVa support

Just to reiterate, my issue is not being able to sync both cameras to a single base station.

is there any way i can sync both camera VA-HS002 and camera VA-HS003 to just one base station?

Hi @hxavier Our apologies for the miscommunication. In regards to your issue that would not be possible to sync 2 cameras with one base since you have different Homecam models, they should have a separate base. The same model should have the same camera and base. Thank you!