Simple feature request: Auto shutoff

Edit: I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but this is a HUGE ISSSUE. I just came back for vacation to discover that my VAVA projector had been on for many days, stuck on one screen. Ugh! I’m concerned about burn-in and wasted power, just because I forgot to unplug the unit before leaving on my trip. The connected nVidia Shield TV was able to turn itself on for an an update, which turned on the projector via CEC, but there was no way for it to turn itself off until I returned home many days later…

This would be dead-simple to implement but would help me, and potentially many other users. I would like a setting to tell the projector to automatically shut it self off after X minutes of no input. I would love this feature for two reasons:

  1. CEC still does not work to shut the projector off. I am very annoyed to keep the VAVA remote on my nightstand when I typically use only use it for one button: OFF. I would rather keep it in a drawer.
  2. The projector could randomly turn on at times (for example, when I am out of town). This is possibly due to the connected NVIDIA Shield updating itself. I would rather the projector not stay on for days at a time after this occurs.

Hi @reeseb777 We appreciate the feedback you gave. It will surely benefit our company in the future development. The auto-shutoff mode is not part of the feature. Rest assured we will take note of this feedback and forward this over to our Engineering Team for future advancements. Thank you for supporting VAVA. Have a great day.

Upvote. I agree with the suggestion.


Of all the many suggestions that have “Rest assured we will take note of this feedback and forward this over to our Engineering Team for future advancements.” I have seen exactly ZERO been implemented. So don’t hold your breath.


Yeah… not much confidence that any feedback is taken seriously by the so-called Engineering Team. I have been hoping for a simple enhancement to move the volume graphics to the edge of the screen instead of being in the center blocking the video. It has been so long still nothing done about it. Sigh … :pensive:

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