4k Projector Auto Power On

Since the projector doesn’t support universal remotes, how about turning it on automatically when received power. This way I can have a smart plug connected to the wall and to the projector and controlled by home automation. When the smart plug send power the projector, it should turn on. Is this possible in the current firmware?

Hi, @lcriscola Thank you for sharing your inquiry with us. This smart plug home automation, won’t work with our 4K projector since this is not part of the features. Thank you for your support!

I like your thinking, especially because of how frustrating the lack of CEC support is. I think this[cutting power with a smart switch] is a little dangerous, though, because depending on the projector temperature, the fans might need to run for a while after the bulb shuts off.

If you’re not worried about the overheating issue, though, this could potentially be an okay solution if your device behaves like mine [Nvidia Shield]: my Shield remote can turn the projector on thru CEC, but not off.

Since they decided to use Bluetooth so basically is incompatible with all universal remotes. I am gonna try to hack the remote power button using an arduino, a transistor and an ir receiver. Let 's see if that hack works.

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I have an NVIDIA Shield connected to HDMI3. When it powers on, the VAVA 4K turns on! Only problem is when NVIDIA is powered off the VAV 4K does not turn off.

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