Projector doesn't fully turn off with CEC

I’m using the Vava projector with the new Google Chromecast with Remote. It’s basically a Chromecast with Android TV interface built in.

I have gotten most of the CEC functions to work from the Google device. Volume buttons can control my soundbar (ARC). The input CEC command doesn’t work but I can live without it.

The power button/asking Google Home turns on the projector just fine over CEC, but sometimes when you turn off the projector via CEC the projector goes into a weird frozen state.

The screen dims to near black, but the projector light and cooling fars are still on. The only way to get out of this state is to hold the power button on the projector itselt.

This happens only when trying to turn the projector off via CEC.

What is going on?

Same on Nvidia Shield too, seems to be a bug in the firmware?

I have the same issue. Can’t use my Harmony remote. So I had to rely on CEC. So, far - disaster - with my Nvidia Shield, Xfinity cable box and Chrome cast. The Vava will turn itself on randomly.Only way I was able to get it to not turn itself at random times on was to turn off CEC.

So now without CEC I get to use two remotes. Try explaining to your wife why your 4 thousand dollar (w screen) TV has to use two remotes.

Please VAVA fix the CEC and add Harmony support!

Yes… for the love of God fix these issues

Yea, same here. Need to fix CEC issues (especially with fire stick 4k) and bluetooth Harmony compatibility. Personally, if it would just work with the Fire Stick remote through CEC, I’d be happy, but it doesnt.

And… Still no update… Even though one was promised in December. I guess they needed to shut us up during the selling season on the new projector.