Need HELP camera not pairing

I just got the HS003 few days ago, mounted it ti the wall (o outdoor) already. I was able to paired the base with my phone but having trouble pairing the cameras to the base. It’s fully charged. I emailed VAVA customer service and I did all the suggestions they told me to do, still couldn’t pair the camera.
I contacted the seller (side deal) and told me to return the product. I don’t want to return it just need a replacement camera or replace the entire product, since my wall will have holes in them if I return.
So, please, I need help.

Same exact situation here, bought mine from SideDeal as well. I get: “Invalid S/N Try another” from both cameras.

I’ve reset and started over twice, no change.

Did you update the base firmware when it asked? I did.

I tried to pair without the phone (buttons on the base and camera and I still get camera failed to sync.

Yes, I uninstall/ reinstall, reset , the Base, cameras, the app on my phone even rebooted my phone as what the customer suggested but still the same error I get, unable to pair camera with the base. I did this a few times already for the last 3 days.
Then, I emailed side deal to replace it they said they couldn’t replace they don’t have the stock. What would happened to the holes in my walls?

Hello @ruthienz66, We appreciate your feedback. We’re sorry you are going through this. Upon checking the history of your case it seems that you were advised to contact the seller since the product was not directly purchased from our website.

Does that mean if we have this exact issue and we didn’t purchase direct from Vava there is no support and our only recourse is to return the item?

Hello @Marc We stand by providing the assistance necessary to all our customers, however, we have guidelines in line to follow. We support assistance in troubleshooting the device. But if the issue still persists after T.S. The warranty will be on a case-to-case basis depending as to where you’ve purchased the home cam. If it’s an authorized or non-authorized dealer.

Yes, I contacted the Seller which is thru SIDE DEAL which is on air in TV, vast of audience. Apparently they no longer have the product since they do promote different products on air daily. All I’m asking is for the VAVA company to replace the camera, it’s brand new and it won’t work/pair since it’s their own product anyway. I mean even if it’s thru a reseller if the customer reach out with the source should at least do something, I’m not asking for anything more just replace the faulty product.

Hello @ruthienz66, We regret to hear that! We truly understand your side however as much as we would like to cater to your replacement request we have a policy in line to follow especially if it was not purchased from an authorized store. Coz there is a big possibility if it was not purchased from authorized dealers it might be a 2nd hand item. We suggest you verify with the seller where they purchased the home cam & if they can share with you the original order number.

I emailed side deal long story short they contacted manufacturer and got new set. I received the new one and now different issue I’m having couldn’t even go further this time, when scanning the QR code it said the SN does not exist , I tried inputting manually still the same. Called VAVA tech after I told what is the issue , he asked whereI purchased the product. OMG, it should not be an issue at all since it’s their product we should’ve able to access support. Then he tried to help me but still the same, tech ask me for another cell no. so he can call me back and can easily use the another phone for the app. Anyway I’m still waiting it’s about 30 minutes while I’m replying to you.