Home CAM not connecting

I received this home cam a few months ago. Finally got around to trying to hook it up and am having issues with the base station never being able to enter the pairing mode correctly. As per the instructions, after you connect to a network and power up the white LED should blink white/red to go further. To get this you are supposed to press both the sync and reset buttons simultaneously. Well I have done this for 5 min and after multiple unplugs/resets/ etc and it will never stop blinking red only. I have tried looking for a manual online and this product isn’t even posted on the VAVA website! Has anyone had any luck getting service or a contact for this product?

I found the user manual for home cam online and see if you can find a solution.

I finally got my home cam, base and the solar panel last week.
Today I tried connecting to the base and even when the base said it’s connected, I cant see the camera in the app. I am interested in a solution to this

I have the same problem. It says, Camera connected to base station and no camera shows up. Anyone find a solution?