Image / Picture Slanted on VAVA Chroma

My picture is slanted left high to right low.

I have used the keystone correction to get the border straight on my screen, but then everything is slanted (or warped) on the screen.

I am replacing the Vava 4k with the newer Vava Chroma. Same screen, same setup etc. (I just removed the old projector, and sat the new one down), I did not have this problem with the original VAVA 4k

Hello @EDJ_User, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. Let us get this sorted out! Would you be so kind as to check if the ALR screen is exposed to extreme cold if it is in front of the air conditioner? Also, was there any physical damage that is visible on the screen? Can you show us a sample photo of the issue?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The issue was due to how I had the projector positioned on the stand. I have adjusted and the alignment is fine.

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