Blurriness on the upper left side corner

Just got my new vava UST projector. I noticed blurriness on the upper left side corner while projecting. No matter how much i adjust the electric focus that blurriness in the corner is still there.

Do i have to make any more adjustments to make is sharp or crisp?

Thanks, Prabu

Hi Prabu,
Sounds like something to reach out to customer service for, but thinking out loud here, I have a couple questions that might help the community understand better what might be going on here:
-are your projecting onto wall or a screen?
-is your image more or less rectangular without needing any keystone adjustment?
-if you bring the corners in with keystone, does that corner stay blurry?
-could you post a snapshot of the problem?

It’s the nature of UST projectors, upper corners will always be slightly out of focus due to the extreme angle/distances combined with the smaller lens. Happens with front throw projectors too just not as extreme.

I am projecting it on the wall currently. I tried electric focus and uploaded the image, it looked okay compared to first few days of setup. You might be able to see little blur on the upper left side corner.

Yeah, your picture is actually a bit better than what I got when projecting onto the wall (I learned very quickly that my wall is actually not very flat). I saw a huge improvement when projecting onto a screen compared to the wall. From the looks of it, your wall isn’t totally flat either, since there is some curvature in the horizonal lines. My guess is that if you deal with the curvy wall effect (causing curved lines), you won’t have much issue focusing after that. nixapatfan is right though, a slight amount of defocus at the edges relative to the center is almost inevitable, but shouldn’t be noticeable to most viewers.

time to buy screen!! will set it up and check out the results. Thanks for the comments its really helpful :slight_smile:

I noticed that the more adjustment I make with the upper left corner using eight corners, the more blurry it is so I resolved this by resetting the keystone correction and move the projector physically to make sure I have the upper left corner perfectly aligned then adjust all the dots from all remaining sides.

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@Lmagy2k Thank you for sharing your experience. This could help other 4K UST Projector users if they have a “Blurry Issue”. Have a great day. Thank you!

:pray::pray:I wish I have the Chrome to test ha ha

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