Distorted on top

Any one experiences distorted on top? No matter how to adjust (adjusting height, keystone, project to another wall), the left top always shows as curve line and hence the image on the left top. Get a replacement, but it has the same issue.


That looks like a problem with the wall it is not straight.

I have tried different walls. All with similar distortion on top line, while the left, right, and the bottom lines all are straight.

Only way to be sure is try making the projected screen smaller and see if it goes away or move the projector around slightly and see if the wave stays in the same spot, none of the walls in my house were straight enough for a perfect picture, houses aren’t built for perfect uniformity where as most electronics are especially if you are on your 2nd projector. A tensioned screen makes a huge difference in picture quality.

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Walls are never straightt. Use a projector screen

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Same problem here. Not the wall issue. Any solution?

I agree with the others. Get a screen. Walls are not perfectly flat and UST projection will greatly exaggerate this. My image was curvy when projecting on wall. I got perfectly straight edges once I set up my screen.

Hi, I am facing this same problem, I have ordered a projector screen so will try if the issue gets resolved.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Any updates on this one please. I am getting my screen on Tuesday, but would like to know if it is fixed for you guys. thanks

Hi @SHowri We recommend setting up your SD to 100". You will want to measure 7.2" away from the screen. After setting up the proper distance, kindly go to the image settings and use the Keystone Correction to have adjustments in the actual image by software. Visit the link for further instruction: VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #3:How to make keystone corrections - YouTube
Thank you!

I was able to get all the other lines straight except the top one. No matter how much I try, I cannot get it straight

Hi @SHowri We regret to hear that you’re still experiencing the same issues. Would you be so kind to try the following steps: Try to do a factory reset, check the firmware version, Wipe the lens with the cleaning cloth and Try it on a different wall or surface to check if it will have the same issue or in the same spot. Please watch this video tutorial on How to check screen distortion: VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #10:How to check screen distortion - YouTube. If the issue persists please email our support@vava.com for further assistance. Thank you!

Does the height of projector matter to get 100. I am at 15 inches above the floor not including the projector. I am at 7. 5 inches away. I am able to get straight lines for three sides except the top. I can repeat the issue on other wall. I am getting the screen tomorrow and will post the pictures once the screen is set. Thanks

Hi @SHowri Yes! the height of the projector matters in order for you to get a perfect 100. Once you have the projector screen, please follow the instruction manual on your projector for the recommended parameters for projection the 100 inches. Email us at support@vava.com if you need further assistance. Thank you!

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@SHowri - facing the same issue… we’re you able to resolve it ?

the only way i could solve it was buying a screen. no matter what i do, the edges are not straight. even at the right height mt screen was larger than 100. i had to use use keystone correction to fix it. this made the text at the top little blurry.

Hi @SHowri We’re truly sorry if you’re still experiencing the same trouble. Could you verify if you’re using an ALR Screen or just projected it on a wall?

I think the top line issue is more about the setting of the projector alignment and using of screen.
I was able fix it with my new 150 inch screen and alignment of the projector on the table.
When I projected on the wall I had the same issue and could not get it fixed.

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Hi, @swpro72 We appreciate the feedback you gave & we are grateful for sharing your experience with us. It will surely benefit other customers. Have a great day!