VAVA Chroma Keystone adjustments do not have any effect

I just installed your 120" ALR and a Chroma. I need to make keystone adjustments, but when I get to the adjustment screen and select a corner and press the directional arrows, nothing happens. No movement of any selected point no matter how many times you push a directional key. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Hello, @ajc8888 Thank you for showing support with our VAVA Chroma. Would you be so kind to try the following steps to see if it solves the issue?

Please try performing a factory reset by going to Settings> General> Factory Reset.
Once the projector is reset, please make sure that the projector has the latest firmware.
This can be done by going to Settings>General>Update version. Please update the projector if it is not up to date.

If the issue is still not fixed, kindly take a video of it and send it to Thank you!

There’s a maximum endpoint for each keystone, so if you are in the top-left to start, it starts at the highest and most left position, so you can only lower it or move it to the right from there. From a reset keystone, any adjustment you make, will make your total image smaller. If you think the image is too narrow at the bottom, then match the top to the bottom by narrowing it at the top. It will be impossible for you to expand the bottom to make it wider.

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Hi, @ajc8888 This is an additional input for keystone adjustments. The most important measurement is the distance from the screen and the height from the bottom of the projector to the bottom of the screen. Desk height does not matter, it can be placed on the ground or on a table (but you may need to raise or lower the projector to reach the required height).

If you need further assistance, kindly email Thank you!

I have having issues with Keystone adjustments and per the specs. i have 2-5 inches of the bottom part of the screen not covered. Vava says the measurements are approx numbers

Hello @sganga We appreciate your feedback, Hope you’re doing well. Kindly view the link below. Thank you!
120" projection issue with Chroma - 4K Laser Projector - VAVA Community