Issue with display- New Ultra short throw projector VA-LT002

Hi Guys,

I bought my new VAVA Ultra short throw projector a couple weeks back. Was so excited. after setup, the first day it was ok but random distortion on the right half and picture is bent on the top left half.

Anybody had that issue before? how did you resolve it?


If you can´t fix the bent on the left with picture adjustment it may be your uneven wall causing this.
Sometimes i get those green distortions (noticed them 3 times) after a firmware update. Reboot allways fixed this error.

Facing the same issue.
I just got the projector yesterday, it worked well on day 1 and then the image became distorted. Tried different walls and screens and the same distortion still exists. Hope there is a fix for this.

Hi @trrkiran007 We regret to hear that you’re having an issue with your projector. Would you be so kind to try the following steps: Try to do a factory reset, check the firmware version, Wipe the lens with the cleaning cloth and Try it on a different wall or surface to check if it will have the same issue or in the same spot. Please watch this video tutorial on How to check screen distortion: VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #10:How to check screen distortion - YouTube.

If the issue persists please email our for further assistance. Thank you!