Extended warranty registration not working

Applying for extended warranty for 12-in-1 Dual 4K Docking Station is erroring out. Purchase was made from Amazon. Steps on the box do not lead to the proper page. I enter Name, Email address and Amazon order number, Clicking the Continue button results in “warranty failure!” message.

To register you can visit: https://warranty.vava.com/ , Put your Name, Email and Amazon Order used to purchased the unit. When entering the order number, please include the dashes.

May we know who is the seller name shown in the order details?

VAVA-USBranch is the listed seller.

I still am receiving the “warranty failure message”. I entered the order just as listed, 114-2033921-2157040

@mikeho Thank you for the update. This is a bit unusual since we can check the order here on our end. In this case, to help you register please send an email to support@vava.com with your name, the email address that will be used to register, and the order number. Thank you!