Cstomer Srvce inqry

I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the lack of action from customer service. I have been trying to resolve an issue for over two months with no progress just promises.

Hi @Nowifiguy We are sorry about the trouble your issue has caused. There are some cases that take a longer time to resolve than others. Would you be so kind as to share with us the issue that you had?

You can also reach out to our team at support@vava.com to have it addressed.

I have reached out to support and got no assistance, just two labels created with no product shipped out I’ve an 8 week period.it took two weeks of jumping thru hoops trying to get a faulty unit to work. I sent it in for replacement around the beginning of June and still do not have a replacement unit. I have called, texted and used FB messenger and still no replacement. I spoke to Gen and emailed over 35 emails with Noreen and still no replacement!

Just a quick update…today they have issued yet a third tracking label number. I have already told them just to return the faulty unit to me and I no longer desire a new unit at all, but was asked to get the old one returned for legal action!!! I am sure they will tell me again that they can’t return my property!!!

Hello @Nowifiguy we are sorry for the things you have to go through and for the inconvenience this has caused. We have advised our support team about this and will take over this issue. Our team will reach out to you to have this addressed.

I am sorry but without some sort of compensation for the time and energy wasted through countless messages, emails and phone calls, I am afraid I must insist on the return of the original unit I sent to your company. If you feel that I was subjected to much more than I should have been, I would accept an upgraded version as a token of your understanding of the headaches and undue hardship I was presented with trying to rectify a situation that went wrong totally on your company’s end. I feel as though I may actually get a result with your team, so please don’t let me down. So many other facets of your company’s customer service already have.

FYI… I checked again after 24 hours and yet another tracking number created, HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED. I can’t wait to hear back from you!!!

Agreed wholeheartedly, Hands down the most frustrating customer service experience my wife and I have ever dealt with trying to get a product for our 1 and 3 year old kids. We ordered a baby monitor to replace an infant optics that broke down after 3 years and VAVA sent the wrong item. After we explained that if we couldn’t quickly get a replacement we’d like a refund, we have gotten unclear and evasive responses and still haven’t gotten a monitor a month later. Delays happen, but the deceptive communication is unacceptable. Infant optics has much more professional and helpful customer service so would highly recommend them over Vava

They have stepped me up the ladder, which hopefully will have much better results!

Hi @Whoffman. We are truly sorry for the experience you had. We would like to help you further on this, if the issue is not yet resolved please send us an email over to support@vava.com so we can better assist you. Thank you!

HI @Nowifiguy. We are also looking forward for your issue to be resolved soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

They keep referring me to the people I’ve just talked to on the phone. I hope your issue gets resolved. I have no faith mine will and we will just return our products for a full refund since we’ve been forced to purchase a different baby monitor in the interim. Infant optics has much better customer service.

Perhaps following thru should be a solid lesson in the company training program. Three separate labels created and not one was attached to a package to ship out .
Missed the follow up
Received an email 17 hours ago saying that the warehouse was shipping my unit and I would receive the tracking information. None received yet
Missed the follow up
Have sent 4 emails trying to make sure you had the right info for refund… No answer yet… And I’m staying up waiting for it so the issue can be finished!!! But no response back…why???
no follow up.
I find it hard to believe things could take this long to resolve and customers treated like they don’t matter…

Yet another day has passed and still no answers…who do I need to speak to to get results?

Just to keep you posted.i have been requesting company officer information so I could contact the CEO, President and Director of customer service for over a week and they will not provide this… Anyone that finds this info willing to share it please do so… Might as well go to the top!!!

Hi @Nowifiguy. We believe your replacement have been delivered according to the tracking number provided to us by our support team. It may have not been an easy journey for us but we thank you for your patience and understanding. We have also followed-up our team in regards to the remaining discussions you have via email.

I believed three times that my replacement had been shipped already!!!
I expect the PayPal fund request to be filled by 5 pm today or my faulty unit to be returned. There is no reason for any further delays!!!
Once again I am requesting to names and emails of the Director of Customer service, the President and the CEO of your company.
I no longer need to hear apologies, the are truly insincere and a waste of time to read. Please forward the officer info requested

Well…final update…after nearly 5 months of plugging away at their system I guess they finally got tired of hearing from me…Almost 5 months to settle a Customer service complaint. Over 350 messages and emails with countless hours of staying on hold to speak to supervisors that" are in a meeting" until I reminded them it was ok for me to wait, because they pay for the call!!! Nearly 5 months of “I’m sorry”, we will send it right out ". And other lies, they finally resolved the issue…after all of that fun I still don’t think I would recommend their products just because of the customer service section!!! Good luck if you need them. My only advice is… Be persistent!!!