VAVA with Harmony Elite Remote

Does anyone know if the VAVA projector will work with the Harmony Elite Remote. If I can’t make this system very simplistic to operate with other devices for family (my wife) - it’s going back to Amazon.

Does the Harmony support a Bluetooth remote? If not then it will not work.

Harmony supports bluetooth for things like the FireTV, HTPC, etc but does NOT work with VAVA. Very frustrating.

returned my Vava - got an Optoma P1 - better picture and supports IR. one of the view short throws that does. Works fine with my Logitech harmony - but I had to move the IR blaster.

Enjoy using two remotes. Oh yeah plus vava is MUCH louder! the fan noise from the Vava was killing me.

I got a refrurbiched Optoma for $2300 . Warranty not as good - but willing to take the risk for better picture, IR remote and way less fan noise. Vava seems a bit like the chinese short throws in a pretty white case

If I didn’t purpose build the cabinet for the Vava’s dimensions, I would have returned it too. The fan noise, the “halo” effect around the projection screen, the remote issues. Extremally disappointing.

Here is a workaround that you can try when using the Logitech Harmony Hub as this worked for other customers as well. Add the projector as a standard Mac Desktop PC, then it should control all the commands as if it’s a Bluetooth Keyboard. You can also try to power cycle the projector first, turn it off, then on. Then turn the projector off using the Logitech Harmony Hub. To shut down the projector use the “sleep” moon icon. The power on command only works via the VAVA remote at the moment. For further instructions on how to add the Harmony Hub using the Mac desktop option you may want to try the steps indicated on this link: Harmony and Mac and replace Mac with the projector when pairing.

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