No Logitech Harmony?

Surprising. Seems like a huge oversight. Number one remote for a decade in the world? Logitech Harmony. Every major home theatre device supports it…except one.

I bet > 70 percent of Vava owners users have a Harmony.

Don’t mean to be too harsh but should have been baked in day one.


Agree! I can’t get the HDMI-CEC to work properly with my 2017 Nvidia Shield, so I bought a Harmony remote. Powering off from the new Shield remote just puts the projector in sleep mode. Not very helpful either way.

There is a way to get it kinda work but it isnt that great. you can set up the harmony as a mac comuter and then send - sleep 2 second pause sleep - this turns off the vava. it works usually but come on vava…this cant be that hard to setup they have over 270,000 devices. Somebody at Vava management has to make it a priority.

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I would love a Harmony Hub Solution!

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Krypto… it’s mind-blowing that I can’t use my Harmony. My old projector all I had to say was “Movie Time” into my Alexa and my whole theater would work from the receiver to the drop down screen… it’s so crazy that I’ve got to operate the VAVA independently.

its a deal breaker…

We appreciate your support for the VAVA 4k UST Projector and appreciate your feedback. Our remote would not be able to connect directly with any IR code, as our remote nor projector uses an IR signal.
There is a future enhancement to have universal remote support, but not estimate date on that yet.

Harmony works with bluetooth. So saying it can’t be done because your remote or projector does not use IR signal is irrelevant…