VAVA with acoustic transparent screen

Is anyone using the VAVA (or any UST projector) with an acoustic transparent screen? Will it work ? I already have speakers in the wall and want to upgrade to the VAVA with 110 inch screen, im considering the Elite Screens “Aeon Acoustic Pro UHD”

Hi @Laine Thank you for your feedback. We highly suggest you join our Facebook Community VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official this is where you can get more information from other customers, which work well with them. Thank you!

I have this one:

STR-169120-WAB Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 120", Woven Acoustic Material)

Works fine but if there is ANY light on in the room, the image is quite bad.

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