VAVA 4k What Screen Are you using?

I got my projector a while back and I just am using an existing 120" white screen I had trying to figure out what I should get for a new screen. The picture is decent, but feel like it could be substantially better than some budget screen I had from Amazon.

Anyone have any ideas suggestions? I see a lot of PET, CLR, and ALR (gray ones) and just end up more confused then when I started.


Just got my Vava 4K last week. Now just using a white wall. Will be getting the Vava ALR 100” screen in a month. Here is a video of the setup and how it looks.

I use the Silver Ticket 106" screen I got on Amazon years ago, and find it satisfactory. That said, I have a very dark room so ambient light isn’t an issue. I am curious, though, how big a difference a new screen would make. The price tags on ALR screens is not low, so I’m inclined to stay with my current setup unless it would make a huge difference.

The only issue I have is that the frame for the screen I have sticks out enough to cut the image off at the bottom. I compensate for that with keystone settings, and it’s a tiny strip (less than the size of my pinky nail). Not even noticeable in the dark. It’s always in the back of my mind, though.

Let me know what you get and how it works out!

I just installed my Vava 100-inch ALR screen few days ago. I am very satisfied with it. Even on a sunny afternoon, the image still looks great.

Hi @williammuk We thank you for your support and positive feedback. This will help other customers that are planning to install ALR screen. Thank you!

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