Will ALR UST Motorized screens work with a ceiling mounted VAVA projector? (they reject light from above)

In my new house, I’m going to have to ceiling mount the VAVA (also kid-friendlier). I’m looking for a motorized screen that can come down in front of a bookcase in a relatively bright room. There are only a few options that claim to be good for UST projectors in ambient light rooms. Elite screens Sakar and Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2.

However, everything I’m reading suggests they work well for UST projectors from below; and they mention that they reject ambient light from above.

Does this mean they won’t work well with a UST projector that’s ceiling mounted?

Anyone have any success with a ceiling mounted VAVA projector and a motorized screen?

Here’s a link for ProjectorScreens.com that shows the recommended motorized ALR UST screens.