Vava 4K mounting ideas

I’m seeking input from other Vava 4k owners on what devices they’re using to mount their projector. I’m temporarily using a low-to-the-floor coffee table which I’m constantly adjusting to fill my 150" screen.
I’m considering a wall mount specifically designed for UST projectors. Is anyone using a wall mount, and if so, how is it working out? Thanks.

Given the investment in this projector and the fact that it is not easy to mount a drop down UST screen, I actually had someone build a piece of furniture with the capacity to “house” the projector and with a valance for the Vividstorm motorized floor rising projection UST screen. I couldn’t be happier! Attached are a couple of photos. If anyone wants the the contact information for the craftsman who built this, DM me and I’ll provide it.


Here is one with the screen rolled down as well.

Nicely done and an excellent solution. That said, this wouldn’t work for me because I’m using a 150" screen which requires the Vava 4k to be very close to the floor. I should note, if I could do this all over again, I’d probably opt for a smaller screen because I’m uncomfortable with the projector being so close to the floor and vulnerable. Thanks for responding.

Congrats on a great looking Cabinet for your VAVA !

Which spec of Vividstorm Motorized Screen do you have, does it have ALR and what’s the gain ?

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Gary @ SiServices

Sorry Gary, didn’t see your latest post until just now. The screen I ordered is a VIVIDSTORM Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Screen 4K/3D/HD Motorized Floor Rising Screen Home Movie 92 inch Ambient Light Rejecting Screen pop-up Screen with Wireless Trigger VMDSTUST92H. The Electric Tab-tensioned Floor Screen:92-inch Diagonal.16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size:80.20”Wx45.08”H…G.W.(Ibs):53.04.Screen Material: Ultra-Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting, 0.6 Gain for a Vivid Viewing Experience from Any Angle , 8K/4K Ultra HD & Active 3D Ready and Polarized for Passive 3D. We’ve been very pleased with the picture quality.

Hey all, just now seeing this thread. I was adamant about wall-mounting my VAVA, and ran into all sorts of difficulties with getting appropriate hardware from amazon. In the end, however, I am very happy with the result. If you are still interested in wall mounting, go with, I tried two other mounts before purchasing this one and there’s just no comparison. Not even close. This one has easy three-axis adjustment knobs and is more than hefty enough to mount without any concern about sturdiness. I used the four provided screws, two in wooden studs, and two using provided drywall anchors. Also, I am projecting onto a 92 inch screen and I have the mount arm nearly fully retracted. My guess is that this mount could support screen sizes up to 150’ or as small as 80’. You might end up using keystone setting to shrink the size down to smaller size screens.

FYI, I’m using a regular gray screen (Silver Ticket). If you have an ALR screen tailored to UST, I would not recommend above mounting like I have done, as those screens are made to reject light coming from above.

Hello Brandon
I’m wondering if this mount would work from below the screen, mounted inversely, shooting up at the screen rather than top-down? I’m using a 150" screen (non ALR) and as as the screen is now mounted, there’s probably not enough room above the screen for a wall mount. As of now, my Vava is on a platform about 8 inches off the floor, and this mount might be a more elegant solution.

The mount is able to be installed upside down and I’m pretty sure it would work for your use case, in theory. I doubt that you’d be able to get down as low as 8" clearance from the floor (unless you don’t have base boards) since there would be approx. 5" minimum vertical distance from the bracket bottom to the bottom of the projector. If you’re still considering, I wouldn’t mind getting up there and making a more precise measurement after work.

Hey Guys!! I have a VAVA-LT002 and a 120 inch screen inside a 12x12 room for a home theater. (Please bare with me, its my first home theater set up and i know its going to be a learning process for me along the way!) For the past few months ive had it a few inches off of the ground and about 20 away from the wall with no issues; I would like to entertain more family in the theater but im fearful with people walking right past the projector. Should i mount it to the ceiling and short throw from there? The system i have is white and i worry about it sticking out like a sore thumb plus the financial cost being worth it; thanks so much for any helpful info you guys can give me along my way!!!

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