Vava screen installation

Greetings all,

I purchased a 100 inch VAVA screen for the holidays. I must say that installation/mounting was very challenging for one person but I got it done.

I am having a @#$@#$ of a time getting my ben q 7050i adjusted - I have stray light going all over the place.

So quick question and ask for opinion. When I am using a test pattern to try to accurately light up the image - do you try to get the bright bold lines in each corner? it sounds like common sense but when I do there is additional light that goes beyond the screen border. I am perplexed. My previous elite screen had this felt border or so that kind of absorbed some light so set up was much easier. Any thoughts?
We tried watching a couple of shows last night and while the screen was 99% filled with picture, there was a halo of light around the sides and along the top border. While the picture seems better than previous generic elite white screen the overall picture not great due to the light issues.

Thanks for any thoughts. Happy Holidays to all.

Hello, @coleco Thank you for notifying us about the issue. To properly address your concern, could you show us sample photos? Thank you for supporting VAVA.

Thanks for the reply. I looked over my post from yesterday and I admit it is confusing. I am certain this is a “me issue” and nothing wrong with screen or the projector.

Basically what I am saying is when I set up my projector Benq 7050i to the correct height and distance from the wall etc. the picture is not really where it should be. Again probably a me error. But if I am using the alignment grid tool to match up the bold lines with the corners, there is a shadow of light. Are you supposed to move it to the farthest corners you can? I thought a UST projector would automatically throw a 100 inch diag. picture when it is the correct distance from the wall? Anyway 3 of us could not get it to match up correctly yesterday and kind of gave up. I understand certain programs and sources wont always fill the screen but when I do get a picture to fill nicely, there is additional light outside the frame etc.

With my previous screen there was a little bit of allowance as the felt border absorbed some. If this is simply an issue of the projected picture must be 100% accurate or you will get light above and on sides I will continue to work with it.

Sorry for my newbie-ism. I do like the screen as far as the vibrance of the picture so I am happy with that part.
I will try to upload pictures. You will see the one has the grid tool on and it looks fair - maybe not yet 100% even in corners but with the move back on it splashes a lot of light.

oh no! new users can only upload one pic. Well I will choose a good example . I will say for this picture using the grid tool it is very close to each corner yet the live show has light all over.

I am going to try to cheat and add just one more pic, reply to what i wrote above and hope I do not get busted!! But I think it will help.
My basic question is why is their light outside the frame when I get the grid tool to mach up in the corners pretty well - very little if any keystone correction and my table holding the UST proj and the bottom of the screen are the right distance from the floor, from each other, etc. That is what is perplexing me.


Hi, @coleco Hope this helps you. We recommend setting up your SD to 100". You will want to measure 7.2" away from the screen. I like to measure 7.2" from the right corner of the projector, the left corner of the projector, and then also the center. All 3 points need to be exactly 7.2" from your screen.

Then, once you have this correctly set up if your display has a taper on the top or bottom of the display you can use the guide to reduce the taper of the projector’s display. You should not need to rotate the projector if it is set at 7.2" at each location on the projector.

After setting up the proper distance, kindly go to the image settings and use the Keystone Correction to have adjustments in the actual image by software.

Visit the link for further instruction:

Thanks, I appreciate the reply. 7.2 inch away from wall gives me an image a lot smaller than 100 inch diagonal. I would assume all UST projectors are different.

I played with it a little more last night, watched a 4k blu ray that was as close as I was going to get it - fit the sides today ok a little off at the top. Matched up with the grid pattern pretty well. When the disc was turned off and just image from the projector the light was over the top and sides by a mile. I guess I just dont know what I am doing. I am thinking about taking the screen down, moving the UST to get an exact 100 inch image, and then repositiong the screen to go over it. It should not be this tough, I guess I am just dumb!
Thanks though.

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Hi @coleco the light or shadow showing on the back of your screen is what we called Light bleeding.
Light bleeding is normal when using a borderless edge projector screen. Upon carefully watching the image we noticed that the borders of the projector screen are very thin. What we consider a borderless edge frame is about 0.4 inches and bordered screens are 2-6 inches. You may either use a black Velcro strip to stop this effect or use led-back lighting to remove it as well. Lastly, you can also paint the background dark grey if you prefer.

Happy Holidays to you!

Thanks very much for this. A family member helped me take down the screen and remeasure everything and essentially start from scratch . The picture looks pretty good to us now and I do see what you mention regarding black felt. It is apparent to me that the wall is a little off (basement) and one of my anchors was off my a few mm and that did make a big negative difference. Now I only have a small area that is leaking. Will look into the felt option.

So overall pretty pleased at this point.

Thanks again, I do appreciate it.