Calibration Settings, My preferred settings listed. What are yours?

Out of the box the calibration settings are terrible! What are peoples takes on the custom calibrations?
I’ll go first, this is the setup I use and it has made the world of difference when watching films.

Source: Nvidia Shield with ‘Match content color space’ turned on
Projection Medium: Wall
Mode: Custom and custom color temperature
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 43
Saturation: 35
Definition: 50
Tone: 43
Color Temp:
R: 1012
G: 852
B: 777
HDR: Auto


I got the same settings but i am using a normal white framed screen.

I just got my vava today from, picture quality in my drywall is horrible, even my Xgimi Halo 1080p has better picture quality in the drywall, the bright is intensive for the laser so I can clear see the decorations in the drywall, I definitely need an ALR screen, can somebody help with me with the calibration in the mean time that I get a screen ?? I got 2 months to decide to keep it or return it

Did you try the setting listed in my original post? I have the same setup…

Try many things since this morning, wifi has issues but is connected as other post here, aptoide I can’t login in my account, ( stated that is in maintenance ) I tried to update the app, check online for other display settings, I follow yours, but still looks horrible, looks like a cheap projector of $50.00, I will returned , this is a headache

Ultra short throw will cast shadows on uneven surface like a drywall.
You should at least buy a normal framed screen to get good quality from this beamer.

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I like what you have here. I set all my levels to these settings being projected onto a white screen and I like what I see so far. Thanks!

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nah, i bought this projector for a no tv asthetic. If i want good image quality id use my LG OLED TV.

Any settings for someone using an ALR screen (silver screen?)

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Just try the given settings from above. You may need to adjust brighness and contrast because alr sreens reflects more light, so the picture will be more bright i guess?

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Bought my Vava on Black Friday on Amazon when it was on sale for $1999, absolute steal! I just set it up this past weekend and can’t wait to start tweaking the picture. I’m building a projector screen and using the FlexGray screen From Carl’s Place. Does anyone have settings they can share?
Also, do you guys normally switch between modes when watching movies, sports, etc? Thanks in advance!

The Projectorcentral calibration settings are spot on with a UST lenticular screen(they all use the same screen material). Much dimmer than the defaults but the colors are accurate versus the oversaturated OEM settings.

Calibrated Settings


Color Mode: Customize
Brightness: 48
Contrast: 45
Saturation: 37
Definition: 50
Tone: 43
Color Temp: Customize
Red Gain: 1012
Green Gain: 852
Blue Gain: 777
HDR: Automatic


NICE! Thank you. I will try these settings as well browse that projectorcentral website.

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Thank you very much. Just got my Vava 4K and am using your settings. It looks good. Thank you so much.

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Same settings as mine except that I have contrast and definition in 80. I see big difference in picture crispiness and details when I have higher contrast but I don’t see that much difference in definition. I have 135” Elite Screen.

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I switched to these settings, much more vibrant picture.
I use CLR elite screen.

Color Mode: Customize
Brightness: 51
Contrast: 82
Saturation: 48
Definition: 80
Tone: 43
Color Temp: Customize
Red Gain: 1014
Green Gain: 964
Blue Gain: 1019
HDR: Automatic


Thank you for sharing. I will give this a try when I get my ALR screen. Thanks.

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