Vava Chroma Horrible Color


I recently received my chroma. I thought the color was off, but continued forward with trying to edit the settings. I put on a soccer game and Shrek,

and it really stood out how bad the color was. I have tried playing the all the settings and I am unable to get it to look “normal” (using my oled and phone as reference, I don’t expect it to match my oled). The greens seem to beyond saturated and despite playing with the green setting and chroma values, I’m unable to get it looking normal. It is using sv lv068_v1.5.3_20220118.123454.

My older vava projector looks significantly better and didn’t suffer this issue. I am using an Apple TV 4K with a 100” vava alr screen. Any ideas (the wife wants the old projector hooked back up)? Is this a hardware issue? Is this expected?

Hi @Mclifton We are truly sorry for this issue. This is something we don’t want you to experience. Don’t worry we are looking into this and forward feedback to our Engineering team to further escalate these issues. We suggest joining our VAVA Chroma FB page to check for the latest firmware updates

Kindly try to do a factory reset 3x and check if you are on the latest firmware. If the issue persists kindly email our and send us a short video of the issue. Thank you!

Did you try the settings mentioned in VAVA Chroma - Calibration - #5 by Nicky ? Out of the box the colors are indeed way to vivid.

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It looks “better” but I wouldn’t say it’s correct.

For reference, here is the “expected” image.

Original VAVA image for reference.

Hi @Mclifton You may try these suggested Image Calibration to have a better picture/color quality or you may simply customize and scroll left/right there are a couple of presets like standard, game mode, movie, etc. But that depends on your preferences. It’s all subjective.

Image Parameter:

Brightness: 50
Contrast: 55
Saturation: 55
Definition: 70
Tone: 50
Color Temp: Custom
Red Gain: 1270
Green Gain: 1024
Blue Gain: 924
Set brightness to HIGH.

We suggest you join our VAVA FB Page VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official to learn more with other customers on what works best for them.

Are these settings for the chroma? They look like they’re not.

I think its the old VAVA, you find params like that for the old one… I hope to expect more settings like this, or some more specific calibration settings in upcoming firmware updates, so that you can set the exact color points in the color space to the reference points, also for the mix colors and also tweak the color space funktions. I dont know, if the points are on reference and the white color is set to the right temperature, also the linear functions setting each color R,G,B from 0 (black) to 1 (white) must also be to some kind of reference.

I watched a calibration tutorial where a lot stuff was changed and measured. At the moment the settings are somewhat limited, also setting profiles is just “custom”. Calibrating SDR and HDR is not possible in different profiles. But i think most HDR projectors can “detect” which one is needed and also set a calibarted color space rec2020 for HDR and and rec709 for SDR :wink:

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I got my Vava Chroma projector a week or so ago. It has so many problems it has turned my enthusiasm on my home theatre to zero, so testing has taken time. I was truly thinking my unit is faulty, but peoples’ messages here tell me I’m not alone.

The colors is one issue I’ve been having. The newest firmware seemed to fix some problems (screen isn’t dimmed anymore during adjustments; the color “temperature” adjustments now actually do something). But still the colors are too vivid and the contrast is too stark or harsh. Especially the darks are losing separation. Picture is not natural looking.

I have dual output from Denon AVR-X2300W, source is Youtube on Nvidia Shield. I have tested blu-rays to, with similar results. Vava picture is on the right. Comarison picture on the left is Epson EH-TW7400. I have blocked half of each projectors’ picture to make live comparison easy.

In the picture below I have tried to find a good enough skin tone for Vava on the right. I can’t get it looking natural no matter what I try, but see the shirt on these “best” settings.

In this picture the shirt is also giving away the bad conrast and dark parts details. I’m wondering if a gamma setting would fix this?

There’s another example where the skintones are best I could get, and you can see how on the Vava picture the brown eye is almost completely black and the hair is missing detail on darks. The Epson picture has more natural colors and doesn’t overshoot the contrast.

The dark tones are also wrong. On top of that, there seems to be some kind of noise processing happening even tho MEMC-setting is off (“close”, whatever that’s meant to mean).

And yes, I have reset fatcory settings three times (who ever got that idea, shouldn’t once be enough, btw?) and updated the latest firmware as of April 9th 2022 (didn’t bother turning the projector on to check the number, since I wanna be more happy today).


Hi @tigerleap We value customers who provide their feedback. We assure you to share it with the respective team. To further assist you kindly email our VAVA Chroma team at