Vava Chroma: MEMC Higher Refresh Rate Bug

Movies look like home videos.

This is definitely an improvement when you watch sports or play video games but for movies, I like it slow in 24 fps.

I’m using the latest Apple TV and although I didn’t have to do it in the older VAva, I tried to turn Match Dynamic Range or Match Frame Rate on or off in the settings but the movie I’m playing is still looking like home video.

The settings in Chroma doesn’t work—I tried standard/ smooth/ resolution and there’s no change. I’m assuming that standard should turn off the higher refresh rate but it doesn’t ( when I do this on my tv, I can see the difference immediately).

I should be able to turn off the MEMC/ higher refresh rate.

I factory reset with no luck.

Software Version: LV068 V1.3.1 20211022.211512

I use Vava primarily on watching movies and I can’t watch movies like this.


Ha ha I thought “Close” is to just close the dialog box after choosing standard, smooth, or resolution . Clicking “Close” will disable the higher refresh rate .
Maybe for your next firmware release, if you can change the wording from “Close” to “Off” or “Disable”

Im just glad I figured this out cause now I can watch a movie to test my new toy!

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Hi @Lmagy2k We are grateful for sharing your opinions with us. It will surely benefit our company.
Don’t worry we will take note of this feedback and forward this over to our Engineering Team for future updates. Thank you again for your support!

hey Lmagy you’re lucky. A bunch of us cant even disable (close) MEMC at all and are forced to deal with it. The company keeps saying they fixed it but it isn’t fixed and fir the moment I can’t even use my room for clients becasue all of their projects look like watching TV at their grandpa’s house. The only updates they give us is that they are working on it. For the first couple days I had it I could CLOSE it and it would just pop back on randomly, but now it’s on no matter what I do. Honestly if all the TV makers could collectively stop including this dumb feature entirely, or at least default it to OFF then I think most consumers would appreciate it. Ok… back to working on a film project that looks like an episode of Dr.Who from 1985!