VAVA Chroma - Calibration

Hey folks,

i want to share some settings i found in another forum for the VAVA Chroma to have some good (no color bleeding) base setting, to watch movies and tv shows.

Image Mode: Customize
Brigthness: 55 (I Think these 2 can be adjusted to your preferred vision)
Constrast: 45 (I Think these 2 can be adjusted to your preferred vision)
Chroma: 45
Hue: 0
Definition: 3 (I recognized some artifacts if higher, dont know if firmware bug)

MEMC: Close (Off is best, as its producing lots of flickering for me)
Dynamic Contrast: Off (As streaming material is not HDR, and it causes artifacts)
Color Temperatur: Customize (Values Below)

Red: -10 (Removed the red flush of the Beamer)
Green: 5
Blue: 10 (Its too dark in blue and little bit in green)

With this settings i a have feeling to watch stuff without being annoyed of strange face colors and artifacts. Maybe it can be setup better, i will tell when i can do a proper calibration, when my acoustik transparent 4K screen is setup in a dark environment.

What i also found out: Its possible to make all the changes listed from MEMC downwoards per profile, but not change profile like FILM itself. But removing the color bleeding on all preset modes is possible.

I hope that helps,


Thanks for sharing, will try this out later

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Hi @marc_cologne We appreciate you for sharing this feedback.

Thanks, please let me know, if you have success or if there is some improvement possible :slight_smile:

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This setup works quite well! The only difference I made was chroma set to 55.

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