VAVA Chroma Firmware Update

Well, yesterday my VAVA updated to LV068_V1.7.4_20220805.195041 and (drumroll) everything still seems the same. Motion blurring (mostly fixed with Game Mode, but I shouldn’t have to do that)…and color problems persist in the way I mentioned before -
“Like everyone is saying - when it’s a bright scene, everything is perfect. When it is a dark scene, it depends on the scene… If it’s Darth Vader on the observation deck of an Imperial Star Destroyer, it’s still perfect. But if it’s got any kind of dirt/dust/smoke effect going on and/or there’s a lot of action in a scene with a lot of greys/browns, the action can be blurry and the overall picture (even with no real action going on) turns into video from a CD-ROM circa 1995. It just looks weird.”
It should be noted that I did the factory reset thing four times and no change.
So…is this the update you guys have been talking about? Or is another update being worked on?

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Hello @javasmark We regret to hear that you’re still experiencing the same problem after the firmware update. Could you please try to do the power cycle first (Unplug the power) and let it sit for at least 5-10mins. If still the same try to do a factory reset 3x.

VAVA Chroma V1.7.4 version updates:

  1. Fixed the problem of dark field being too dark.
  2. Modify the dynamic contrast function
  3. Japanese translation fixes.

Good to see there is progress! Only downside is the speed of updates. Technically I think the Chroma is very good, but the software is lacking in functionality. And many items seem easy to fix…

So please ramp up the development to make the product great instead of good.

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Hello @Nicky We are grateful for sharing your opinions with us. It will surely benefit our company. Don’t worry we will take note of this feedback and forward this over to our Engineering Team for future advancement.

Hi Vava team,

I clicked “Check for Updates” and the system seems to get stuck at “Testing for updates” screen forever…

Is this a known issue?

Edited: It finally got updated successfully

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Hi jasonlingo and Nicky!
I didn’t have any problem with the update starting. Actually, it was one of those things where I turned the unit on and it automatically started the update.
I agree with Nicky - it’s a good machine…a REALLY good machine…but I would like it to be GREAT!
To Team VAVA - I’m still having the same problems with color/tone. Did the whole unplug from the wall for a few hours/factory reset, but the update didn’t really change anything.
I appreciate the fact that the VAVA team is still working on this. I understand new tech will always have…glitches. But, again, as Nicky said, it all seems like stuff that can and will be fixed through updates.
Keep up the hard work. Hopefully there will be another update very soon that will take care of said problems.

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Hello @javasmark, Rest assured all of this feedback is collated and forwarded to the Engineering Team for future enhancement. We appreciate your support of the product! Enjoy your day!

Just emailed this -
Hi guys!
Which version is this supposed to be?
I’m currently running off of LV068_V1.7.4_20220805.195041, which I updated to a week ago. I went on with fingers crossed that this email was signifying another update, but when I had the Chroma check, it said that I’m up to date.
My picture quality is the same. Went back to “Game” mode after trying “Film”, hoping that it would be watchable, but it wasn’t. And have MEMC on the “Close” setting.
I’ve done the unplug/plug back in…factory reset 4x…but I still get muddy dark scenes. And even scenes that aren’t so dark, the color is most definitely off.
There are times when the Chroma is EXCELLENT and exactly what I expected/hoped. And then there are times when I think, “I get a better picture on my phone.”
I’ve posted multiple times on the Community Board and I keep hearing that the Engineering Team is still working.
Is this still the case? Please tell me that this isn’t supposed to be the final update…