Vava Chroma HDMI ports not working

Hello @TeamVAVA,
I’ve just received my Vava chroma yesterday and I’m having several issues so far.

  1. The HDMI port is misaligned and I need to struggle to fit any cable in
  2. HDMI ports 1 and 3 are not recognising any device connected
  3. Connecting a laptop using a 4k HDMI cable, the connection is not stable. the image come and go every second. it connects and disconnects continuously. (tested with 3 different 4k cables and 2 MacBook pro)
  4. Connecting a Google TV does not work. The device is not connecting using the HDMI cable
  5. Watching a 4k video from the Vava YouTube app only plays sound and no video when the quality is set to 4k. When lowering the quality to 1080p, then the video works as well

Is it possible my device is just defective? I’ve already tried contacting the customer support using Messenger and tried to perform a power cycle and factory reset twice with no luck.

Thank you

Hi, @andreasonny83 We appreciate your time in reporting this issue. We will look into this immediately. To better assist you may we ask where did you purchase the chroma?

Thanks for your quick response.
I purchased the device on Indiegogo

Hi @andreasonny83 Kindly email and include a short video of the issue so they can further assist you. We appreciate your support have a great day!

Thank you @TeamVAVA .
I have sent all the information to that email address.
Waiting for a reply

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Hi @andreasonny83 Thank you for letting us know. We will inform the VAVA Chroma team immediately assist you.

Hello again @TeamVAVA
The assistance team replied to my emails more than 6 months ago and I’m still waiting for a replacement unit. I recently sent out 3 emails during the past weeks asking for an update but no response so far.

Talk to your bank. The bank can perform a ‘chargeback’ action (per Visa Reason Code 13.3) and the seller has to act seriously and resolve the issue and dispute back with the bank within a given timeframe (usually 6 months). Otherwise, it could hurt seller’s credit standing.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us another email to and provide your order information. We will follow up the replacement status for you.