VAVA Chroma - YOUTUBE Problem

New Chroma i received 9-9-2022 does not work with Youtube appp.
I tried with factory reset three times and other solutions that I see thru the community but none is working with youtube APP.

The app is corrupted and need to fix ASAP.

it seems like VAVA developement team do not have any idea of Android app.

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Hi there, can you please send us a video of the issue and send it to so our team can check. Thank you.

I’ve had mine since March and it’s been the same issue, tried the factory reset a couple times. It seems to be a general issue across the board with a lot of the Google apps, not to mention Netflix.

@Secall Please contact and let us know more details about the problem. Our engineer will check and find a solution for you. Thank you for your support.