Frustrating experience with replacement

My wife saw a VAVA projector at a friends’ house and had been since trying to get one for our home. And that’s when my frustrating experience began.

In late 2022, I ordered a Chroma and found none of the HDMI ports in my unit works. It could be an alignment issue though I was not certain. So I called customer service and took an hour to go through the control process (restart, return to factory setting, etc). At that time, the customer service was very unprofessional and even suggested me to open the case to see if the alignment of port is correct (Note: this will blow the warranty on the product). After exchanging emails back and forth for a week or so, she finally agreed on return but threatened there is no stock available until 6 months later for replacement. So I ended up asking for a refund. Just weeks later, I found the product is available on VAVA’s website.

This spring, we decided to try a more mature product, i.e. 4K laser projector. Unfortunately, the unit I received is also faulty and has ‘stuck pixel’ in the middle of the screen. My wife is super-bothered by this and we had to replace it. The customer service this time was very helpful: after going through the usual control process, a return label was given to me. She also helped me to price match to the latest sale. I returned the unit 3 weeks ago. UPS tracking showed it was received and signed two weeks ago. So far I have not heard any updates on the replacement. Emailed customer service. They cannot even get a confirmation of receival from the warehouse not to mention sending out the replacement.

Maybe it’s my bad luck for always getting faulty unit. But as a company that have been exisiting for nearly 10 years, VAVA really need to up their game on quality control and treat existing customers more seriously. The customer service has become more helpful but the return and replacement process is still terrible. Is there supposed to be a workflow for ensuring a timely return/replacement especially when there is not shortage of stock (VAVA is clearly still selling the same product to new customers on their website)? I may end up calling the bank to hold the credit card payment before the 60 day deadline for disputing charges (though this may hurt the credit standing of VAVA).