Using Vava app to project photos from iPhone to Vava—blurry images

Does anyone know how to resolve this blurry image issue?

On the iPhone : connect to the projector via the vava projector app. Then pick any pics.

Result: Pics are blurry.

Please see the attached original jpg and the image projected on the screen.

Thanks !

Hi @Lmagy2k We regret to hear that you have trouble with the unit. Would you be so kind to try the following steps: 1. Try to do a factory reset 2. Check the firmware version 3. Wipe the lens with the cleaning cloth 4. Try it on a different wall or surface to check if it will have the same issue or in the same spot.
Recommendation tutorial videos for better viewing. How to check screen distortion: VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #10:How to check screen distortion - YouTube, How to adjust focus: VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #11:How to adjust the focus - YouTube and How to make keystone corrections:
VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #3:How to make keystone corrections - YouTube
If the issue persists please reach us back thru email at Thank you!

Thanks for the reply…

My main reason is to play movies and with all the testing and settings (took me a day) with moving and adjusting the points to come with a clear and 4K experience , I’m hesitant to reset this to factory. Matter of fact—I’m not going to move and marked the position of the Vava just in case someone accidentally move it ( and when Chroma arrives:)

The version I have is 2.10 and I thought that was the latest and the greatest. How can I upgrade this to 3? When I try to upgrade, the message shows that I have the latest version.

In regards with cleaning, since I love this unit, I make sure I clean it almost everyday.

Thanks !

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Hi @Lmagy2k Appreciate your feedback. Yes! that’s correct 2.10 is the latest version. If you need further assistance just don’t hesitate to email us at Thank you!

Ha ha I missed that, i thought you were referring to check version 3, you were listing the troubleshooting of cleaning the laser as number 3…

Thanks !

Hello @TeamVAVA , I just tested on my 1 month old Vava Evolve Black 4K running software version 2.10. Using VAVA Projector app on iPhone 11 Pro iOS 14.7.1 to project a photo. I have the same issue. Photos are all pixelated. But projecting videos seems OK.

Hello @Lmagy2k , would you like to try projecting a video and see if it is OK or blurry too?


Great idea…yeah, video is great but photos are pixilated which I tested both from my iPad and iPhone. Must be something on the code…