Vava 4K very very blurry on top

Can Anyone help me out with this please…no matter what I do it’s always blurry on top of the screen …at the bottom focus is perfect but as it’s gets closer to the middle of the screen it’s gets worsen as it’s get to the top you can barely see what is it…I tried factory reset …keystone/ electronic focus…adjusting the legs…got me dizzy trying to see on top parts of the screen…much help is appreciated .

Maybe it is simply because your screen is tilted; leaning forwards or backwards a little?

Thank you for the great advice…I haven’t try to adjust the screen…but I did tried to tilt the projector backwards/ forwards but no luck… I did tried projected onto 2 different walls in the house…and still very blurry at half upper of the screen…I’ve exhausted all what I can think of…anyone with any other options?

Hi @Hellalua. We regret to know you are having an issue with the projector. For us to help you further please send an email to with description of the issue and the pictures you posted above. Include as well the screenshot of the order invoice. Thank you!

I have the same issue. is the issue resolved… if so how?

Hello @kiranmhpr, Thank you for notifying us about this. We will look into this. Please try performing a factory reset by going to Settings> General> Factory Reset.
Once the projector is reset, please make sure that the projector has the latest firmware.
This can be done by going to Settings>General>Update version. Please update the projector if it is not up to date.

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