Blurred pictures from app with iphone

I am also experiencing the same issue shown in the online forum as Lmagy2k Sept 2021
When using an iPhone 10 paired through the projector app.
Having given access to my iPhone photos they appear clear in the app but once you select an individual picture to project they both show blurry on the phone display and on the screen!
No other method or source for projection is effected by this problem. Also the app works fine using a Samsung S22 so the issue must be in the coding in the app with an iPhone!
We would appreciate knowing your progress to rectify this issue and anticipated date of resolution for users as it has a direct impact on our use of the projector for our business
Thank you
Mark Deacon
Reveal Solutions Training Ltd

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Hello @Blue, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. We will look into this. We would like to verify where did you purchase the VAVA Chroma?

Direct Vava Indiegogo

Hello @Blue, We want to verify if this only happens when you cast it using your iPhone. Kindly try to check if the firmware is up to date and factory reset. If the issue persist kindly send a short video directly to the VAVA Chroma team