Resolution issue - image not clear top left corner

I installed my vava 4k UST projector recently. I observe the picture is not clear left top corner of the screen. Remaining corners the image is ok. I have a 120 inch screen and I understand the corner of the screen is not as sharp as center. But this one corner noticably blurred. Anyone else face the same challenge? How can I fix?
I tried projecting it on wall and on screen. Same issue.

Hi @Surojitdutta Thank you for notifying us about the issue. Please follow the steps below.

We recommend setting up your SD to 100". You will want to measure 7.2" away from the screen. I like to measure 7.2" from the right corner of the projector, the left corner of the projector, and then also the center. All 3 points need to be exactly 7.2" from your screen.

Then, once you have this correctly set up if your display has a taper on the top or bottom of the display you can use the guide to reduce the taper of the projector’s display. You should not need to rotate the projector if it is set at 7.2" at each location on the projector.

After setting up the proper distance, kindly go to the image settings and use the Keystone Correction to have adjustments in the actual image by software.

Visit the link for further instruction:

Thank you for supporting VAVA.

Hello Vava Team,

The projector description says we could focus up to 150". That was the sole purpose I bought this UST projector.
I am not even displaying the full size advertised. Instead only 125".

I don’t want to do a 100" SD. Why is it not coming sharp in 125" SD?
Are you recommending that the project is not good for images larger than 100"?


Hi, @Surojitdutta Thank you for your feedback. Our 4K projector can project images/videos up to 150" Just for the first initial set-up, to avoid image distortion we recommend it 7.2" and SD to 100" and after setting up proper distance, you can adjust the keystone correction. See attached file, this can help you as well with the parameters.

Thank you for the guidance. I set the screen to 100 inch. Did keystone correction and
I tried the electric focus and that fixed the resolution.

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However, now there is a border outside the screen. All sides. 5" wide as of the projection is larger than the screen. But the picture perfectly fits the frame. What is that border?

Hi @Surojitdutta We are glad that you were able to fix the problem. Is there a way for you to send us a photo?

Please see the attached picture.