Can't update, Download error (error:io File operation exception)

Brand new vava chroma projector out of the box
Current version V1.91

Video of error demonstration, Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I keep getting this error Download error (error:io File operation exception)
It will not update, 0M/0M

I have tried 2 different network bands to see if its network related, 2.4ghz and 5ghz
I have tried factory resetting. After factory reset the screen was static all over like it was broken
Video demonstration here, Imgur: The magic of the Internet

After turning the projector off and on again, the static did not come back. Appears to be working properly.

Also sound output issue. I put a high-speed HDMI cable into the (ARC) HDMI port and into external receiver HDMI arc output. I also changed sound output settings to HDMI ARC, however I have no sound output. I was thinking that an update would possibly fix this issue. Why no sound output out of arc.

1, How to fix this, update?
2, Why did that static happen after the factory reset? is there malfunctioning/defective parts in the projector?

I have same issue with the software update

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where are the instructions to update via USB? where are the latest firmware downloads located?
I tried using this version Update 2.10 projector updat - #6 by TeamVAVA
USB drive is fat32 format
and the file/folder path does not show up on the projector

I have same issue with the software update. Keep me posted.

I’m having the same exact issue, even after factory resetting 5x.

Why isn’t there a place we can download the firmware directly?

Can’t access it yet since its requesting access

Wow - I’m impressed you found the latest firmware! I wonder when they’ll just let us d/l it…

I’m having the same issue. Is there a place I can download ver. 2.2?

the one i linked is 2.2
thats the link support sent

I love how the link they sent needed access that they didn’t include… smfh

I know right I wonder how long that will take

I updated it to the 2.1 via USB, that you included in the meantime (it seems like going from that to 2.2 might be better than from 1.90). At least that fixed the weird network/internet bug that always showed a “connection anomaly”. I’m surprised these are shipping this half-broken. Maybe these are “dregs” that the amazon seller got from far back in the warehouse or something…

you were able to update it with that version via USB? I wasn’t, what format was your USB? I tried the 2.1 and the download folder did not show up on the projector. Like nothing is on the USB.

what version did you have installed? 1.91?

I think the software on the projector, cannot find the download location when trying to update. It’s programmed to find the download from X location but the download is not there or they changed the location. That’s what the error is I think. Just like we can’t find the firmware download locations.

Edit: after trying again, this time I did not “extract” the zipped folder 2.1 download. Now it shows up in folder path and updated.

I did try to wirelessly upload to 2.2 from 2.1 now because I thought the same as you(it could be easier to go from 1.9 to 2.2 instead of 2.1-2.2) but I still got the same error. So we will be waiting for our access until then…

Yeah, that’s exactly what I did - I didn’t extract it. I just copied the zip file over. I had the same “no file” issue too when I extracted it first. And, yeah, still the same download error trying to go from 2.1 to 2.2.

Is there a 2.4 now?

my bad I meant 1.9-2.1-2.2

Im not sure 2.2 is worth it, apparently it broke arc audio function and makes projector unusable according to this Vava 2.20 version - #5 by Xavier

Heres 2.2
If anyone else here is reading wants the latest version now so you don’t have to go through vava support(4-5day wait) here it is

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