HDMI ports not aligned with outer box

Hi everyone,
Got my Vava Chroma today, after a long 6 month wait, and got disappointed to see that the HDMI ports were not aligned with the outer box. Making it very hard to connect an HDMI cable.

HDMI Port 1 in impossible to even insert the cable

HDMI Port 2 the cable goes in but keeps connecting and disconnecting ever second and I can’t get anything from it

HDMI Port 3, it’s easier to connect but the system does not seem the read it.

So essentially non of them works :frowning:

Also, since the Netflix app is not working I really can’t use the projector, which really destroyed my mood for the weekend.

Anyone else had this issue, if yes how did you solve it?


Hi @Alvaro We are truly sorry for this issue. This is something we don’t want you to experience. Rest assured that we are taking care of this immediately. Kindly report this over to our VAVA Chroma team at hello@vava.com

I’m haveing this exact same problem. The ports are the same way and the Netflix app does not work

This is so disappointing, these are basic quality checks :frowning: I have been dreaming about projector for 6 months.

@TeamVAVA I have reached out to the email you suggested. Got an immediate response which is good. Unfortunately the response is to say that you don’t know when you will be able to solve the issue

What we can do is request a replacement but please be advised that we are still in the middle of shipping and the replacement process will start when most shipping is over.”

I’m really happy you can send a replacement, I truly am, but I think some kind of priority should be given to folks like us that already waited so long and received a defective product.


Hi @rossfrederick We apologize for this issue. We will look into this immediately. To further assist you, we would like to know if this is only happening on 1 HDMI port? How about the other ports? What other issues you’re experiencing with the Chroma? Kindly report this over to our VAVA Chroma team at hello@vava.com

Hi @Alvaro We truly understand your side and we are truly sorry for what you must go through. We will raise this concern to our main facility. Kindly continue to communicate with our VAVA Chroma team at hello@vava.com

I also had the same HDMI port issue and Netflix issue. Also had a more serious issue with the unit unable to “lock in” properly to any input from any of the HDMI ports. I sent the unit back for repair back in January! I have also requested a replacement to no avail. I get nothing but polite runarounds when I inquire about the repair. I do not think they actually have the ability to repair these in the US.

@tporter37 We appreciate your feedback. We’re sorry you are going through this. We would like to help you with this however we are in the middle of shipping and almost done completing the shipments.
That is why as of the moment, we don’t have any available units for replacement. We suggest continuing to communicate with our VAVA Chroma support at hello@vava.com so they can further assist you with the repair.

I too received my Chroma today and have this very same problem. In my case the HDMI ports are so misaligned that its even hard to visibly see them thru the slots. Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi, @ssverma Thank you for notifying us about this issue. To further assist you, could you please confirm where you purchased the Chroma?

I’m still waiting for a solution :frowning:

@TeamVAVA has been quite polite and quick answering all my emails, but unfortunately I’m still stuck with a defective projector after more than 1 month.

Hi @Alvaro We truly apologize for the delay, as of the moment, a repair is the only option as the replacement will start most likely in June, that’s the reason why we offer a repair. We will get in touch with you as soon as we have the latest update. Please check your email from time to time.

Is June already, still no replacement and no repair also and yet the product is available in your website

Hi @Alvaro, We are sorry you went through this. We truly understand the urgency on this matter. Rest assured that we will get in touch with you once we have the latest update. Please continue to reach our VAVA Chroma - IGG Team at hello@vava.com. Thank you for your time.

This is too much already!

I ordered this back in October. You shipped a defective product several months late and all you do is send polite messages but not solve the problem.

Why is the Chroma Available online for new buyers but for people that bought a defective product months ago you keep not providing assistance ??

It’s been more than 2 months since I received a broken, Defective VAVA Laser Projector and nothing from you, just empty promises.

Mine is a little misaligned on the USB, but a little jiggle on the side, manage to plug in with some difficulty. I think I can live with it as it is still manageable. Vava “R&D” needs more emphasis to invest or allow more time to test prototype of their products and not merely rushing out to meet orders fulfillment.

To me none of them work, which makes the projector quite useless. @TeamVAVA has apparently decided to ignore customers with defective orders. Have not heard from them in weeks.

Hi @Alvaro, We’re sorry you’re facing this issue. This has been escalated to our main office. We are truly sorry for the delay. Our response will publicize personal information, so we recommend to continue communicating with our VAVA Chroma team via email at hello@vava.com

We appreciate your understanding on this matter. Have a great day.

@TeamVAVA I have reached out to hello@vava.com twice over the last couple of days and received no answer.

At least here when I write you guys answer. I am sorry but I am just tired.

I supported Vava when you needed support in the Indiegogo campaign, now I get this treatment. This is not fair.

you took my money and gave me a broken product. this is not right.

@TeamVAVA I finally received a few more answer from hello@vava.com but only to say that no news yet and I have to keep waiting for you to fix my defective Chroma, while you are selling it to new customers in your website.

@TeamVAVA do you think its fair that someone that paid for this produce 10 months ago and supported your campaign has to wait while you clearly have new units for new customers? I assume you prioritize new revenue vs the trust of existing customer. Says a lot about the brand.