Chroma Lock-in to HDMI

Just got new Chroma. It cannot “lock-in” to any of the HDMI inputs. About 1 out of 10 tries I can get lock-in and see a source display. Sometimes get flickering display. Tried three cables (6 ft length), and three different sources (two blu-ray, apple TV). It seems like the HDMI is loaded down or very weak.

Tried resetting to factory several times, also turned on and off several times. Sending back for repair. Anyone else have this issue? Just trying to find out as much as I can.

Hi @tporter37 We appreciate you reporting to us about the problem. We will look into it immediately. Kindly email and send a sample video or photo of the issue.

This is a follow-up post to the problem described below.
VAVA sent me a UPS tag to ship the unit to Texas for repair. They have had it for 9 days now with no repair or communication. I tracked the place it was sent to, it is a person’s residence in Texas!

I have asked tor an “exchange”. Their own site says I can request an exchange up to 30 days from receiving the unit. I have a screenshot of this policy. They refuse to give an exchange, saying the 30-day policy does not apply to the Chroma. Again, that is not what is on their own site. This whole ordeal has become a nightmare.

I have explained this over and over now with VAVA support for nearly 3 weeks. Please be advised that I have now filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau about 1 hour ago. I will also contact the parent company Sunvalley Group shortly.

Has anybody else has such terrible service from VAVA?

Hello, @tporter37 We stand by providing the assistance necessary to all our customers, however, we have guidelines in line to follow. Unfortunately, as of the moment, we do not have replacement units available at this time as all the current units are being manufactured. Upon checking we can see that your VAVA Chroma unit has been returned to CYPRESS, TX US to be repaired. The turnaround time for the repair is 2-3 weeks.

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