Already waiting 4 months for Chroma repair


I am trying my luck here since does not seem to be able to help me.

I send in my Vava Chroma 4 months ago to the repair center (shipped on 08-Jun-2023, received 14-Jun-2023). The promised repair time was 1,5 to 2 months including shipping.

During the first few weeks I got updates like “we have to order parts” and “during inspection we noticed a part is missing”. For the last two months all I hear is “we are very sorry, we have no information, can you please wait a little longer, it will be repaired soon”.

I have been patently waiting up to now but I feel like I am being scammed and I will not get my Chroma back. I requested a refund or a replacement unit but that was denied.

I feel like the support person at Vava really wants to help me, but it seems like that person is as powerless as I am in that regard. If someone from the admins here could reach out to me to resolve this issue I would be very grateful.

Just to wrap this up:

I finally got my Chroma back after about 5 months (including shipping). They did repair the issue I had though (blueish tint on the left half of the projection), so it’s something.

In summary: Be perpared for long waiting times when you send in your Chroma for repair.